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My NZ Trust, the quick, easy and cost effective way
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We offer a quick, easy and cost effective way to create a Trust and ensure whats important to you is protected.

Our trained staff are fully up to date with the rules regarding Trusts in New Zealand from both a legal and taxation perspective and can ensure that your goals for creating a Trust are met.

We are registered Tax Agents with Inland Revenue which means that we can also assist with any taxation work required when creating your Trust.

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Matthew Harris

Managing Director

Matthew has extensive experience working with Trusts, including 9 years working for Inland Revenue in the complex taxation area ensuring that Trust entities complied with their regulatory and tax obligations.

This experience ensured that Matthew both completely understands the legal concept of a Trust and how it can be utilised effectively, but also has a comprehensive understanding of New Zealand’s regulatory system and how this impacts on the use and administration of Trust structures.

In addition, Matthew has extensive experience with the rules surrounding obtaining charitable status and donee status with Inland Revenue and Charities Services and can help his clients meet these requirements.

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Melanie Bennett

Melanie Bennett

Trust & Tax Manager

Melanie has over 15 years of senior-level Tax experience working for KPMG and Ernst & Young.  She has also led the corporate tax team at Perpetual Guardian (formerly Guardian Trust).

With over 10 years experience providing tax and administration advice to Trusts, their Trustees and Beneficiaries, Melanie is well positioned to help you maximise the benefit from your Trust Structure. Melanie can also provide tax advice to small to medium sized businesses, trusts and their families, including their investments.

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Sarah Clay

Sarah Clay

Trust Manager

Sarah has over 9 years experience in administering family trusts, deceased estates, wills & enduring powers of attorney.

In recent years, Sarah has also worked in charitable trust administration while working for Perpetual Guardian.

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We offer a hassle-free and affordable way to set up a trust that is tailored to your needs. We are registered tax agents with Inland Revenue and our service is simplified, making the process of setting up a trust easier than ever before.

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