How It Works

What is a Charitable Trust?

A Charitable Trust is set up by individuals, families and others who wish to benefit a charitable cause in perpetuity. The structure is similar to a Family Trust with the exception that the trust must act exclusively or principally for charitable purposes.

1. Complete our simple contact form to start the process.



2. We call you to discuss your requirements and answer any questions you have.

3. Fill in our online Trust creation form and Will creation form (if required).



4. We draft a trust deed (and Will if required) and call you to ensure everything is correct, when you are satisfied the documents will be sent for you to sign.

5. If required, Apply for an IRD number and schedule an annual check up for trust administration.



6. Transfer any assets into the trust (conveyancing and gifting).

7. Your assets are now protected.


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We offer a hassle-free and affordable way to set up a trust that is tailored to your needs. We are registered tax agents with Inland Revenue and our service is simplified, making the process of setting up a trust easier than ever before.

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